Friday, December 17, 2010

Party Time...

It's always fun to get the girls together
cocktails and pampering... 

Great for up to a party up to 6 guests to enjoy one of the following treatments.

Rejuvenating Glycolic Facial 
(H2T Pumpkin Peel/ Anti Aging) 
The Signature Anti Aging Facial Begins with a surface cleansing,
and renewal of the dead dull skin cells. 
30 mins
Long Island Ice Tea Peel
(DERModelity 15% Retinal 15% Latic Acid)
The "Long Island Ice Tea Peel"  Is a unique active formula that contains significant concentration of Vitamin A (retinal) combined with resurfacing value of latic acid. 
30 mins 

  • Package come with 2 bottles of Champagne 

3 hours up 6 guests only $375

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Gift...

Can't think of what to get that person in you life that has everything for the holidays???? Spa treatments are always a winner, and why not one for you self too?

We are offering Bare Skin Beauty Signature Facials, Anti Aging Peels, and waxing servies. 
Purchase a Gift card and get 50% a service for your self...