Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bronze Skin Beauty's

To all my Bronze skin beauty's its sad to say but summer is at its end.... Now it's time to revive our skin from all the sun it has gotten the past few months. As we know 80% -85% of aging is caused my sun damage. So it's not a bad idea to sluf off a few layers of dead skin that can make our skin appear dull or life less. 
I have been using "Body High" Herbal salt glow. This can be used at home in the shower and only takes a few extra minutes.  Body High has a array of salt and sugar glows that area amazing!!!!!! OR you could hit up your favorite day spa for a little pampering and get a body treatment. This up coming week is "SPA WEEK" and there are great deals! Check out CC Skin Care in Toluca Lake 818.980.2309

~ HB

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